Authentic, Beautiful & Meaningful Moments of Real Life

Wedding, Portraits & Events

Life Art Photographs was created on the premises of creating artistic images of real life moments. My goal is to create images that allow you to step back into a moment, admire it, remember it, and savor it. Each image is a reflection of life, love, beauty, and emotion. As a Des Moines wedding photographer, senior portrait photographer, and family photographer my goal is the same… to tell stories in an artful way of the people, relationships, and personalities within the frame.


Love & Marriage

Stunning Wedding & Engagement Photography

I love weddings. My favorite is the kind where two people in love are ready to throw caution to the wind make a commitment and celebrate their love, without a care in the world about what’s going on with the napkins. At the same time, I love love love a beautiful wedding! My ideal wedding clients are the type of people who want photographs that represent the people they are, their relationship, the celebration of their love, and the way that they felt on their wedding day. They want photographs that look and feel like them… the happiest and most radiant versions of themselves on the best day of their lives. Not to worry, I’ll photograph the details and make beautiful portraits for you, but what I really love are the moments.

Senior Portraits

Unique. Creative. Fun.

Just like a wedding, graduating high school is one of the most pivotal moments in a person’s life. It’s the culmination of childhood, a celebration of accomplishments & friendships, and the first steps into adulthood. There are very few moments in a person’s life when they stand at the cusp of beginnings and endings in so many different ways. It’s important to document it, to remember the person that each senior is at this time in his or her life. The framework is set and they are on their way to become the person they are meant to me. Finding a photographer who can do that in an authentic manner is critical. Senior photography, for me, is all about the individual. I work to make sure that each story is told, and to make each one of them look and feel like the amazing person that they are today.

Family Portraits


I’ve spent hours trying to memorize my children. Their little personalities, they way their little voices sound, their soft skin and hair, their baby smell… I’ve tried to take pictures in my mind of how they look from my vantage point as I hold them in the night as they sleep. I’ve tried it all, and I’ve failed. That’s why I focus my mind during family photography on images that feature not only faces, but personalities, tiny details, and the essence of our relationships. It’s all so much more important that I ever knew before I became a mother. All of these moments are constantly slipping through our fingertips. My job is to freeze them in time in way that will allow you to jump back into a moment, recall a detail that was forgotten, and let your heart rest there a moment.