Baby & Business Update

Baby & Business Update//October 23, 2013

As I sit on the verge of wrapping up my last wedding season before Baby Girl gets here, it dawned on me that I haven’t posted a pregnancy update since making the announcement all the way back at the beginning of the year. As many of my clients and friends know, I decided to jump into photography full-time five years ago in order to try to establish a career that allow me to set my own schedule for when we started a family. Little did I know how much I would grow to love my job and how long it would take us to start that little family. As a result, I’ve essentially lived all things weddings for the past five years. Needless to say, things are going to be taking a dramatic turn next year and in future years now that we’ll soon be a family of three. Life Art Photographs will still be very much a part of my life, but I’ll be making some very important changes that I want to make sure to inform my clients (past, current, and future). Details are outlined below…


Still one of my main loves, weddings will still continue to be a priority for me. Although, I will only be taking on a limited number of weddings for the next few years (at least) in order to make sure that I can still provide the same level of product and service to my clients while also being able to stay home with my new little one. This will likely result in me having to work a bit of a non-traditional work schedule for my office hours as a lot of what I’ll be able to accomplish on the computer will need to be done while she’s sleeping and/or when my husband is home. I’ll also be taking on some additional work second shooting for other talented photographers in the area in order to be able to to get out there and shoot and work while maintaining a better work/life balance at home by not having all of the additional workload that comes along with taking on a wedding as my own. I’m very excited about that! I love getting to work with other photographers and the creativity that comes out of being able to free your mind of the agenda and the business aspects of wedding photography.


This is an area of my business that I will start to grow a bit more next Spring. I’ve always done some portrait work, but have not pursued portrait work in the way that I did with weddings. Not because I didn’t like it, but because weddings were simply where my heart was. It’s funny how my eyes and emotions are already being drawn in different directions now that I’m about to become a mom. I can’t wait to start exploring portrait work as I start to get to experience being a part of a family in an entirely new way. Keep watch for portrait specials next year to help me kick off my inaugural year of putting myself out there in the portrait world. I’m excited to meet new clients and hope that I get to see some of my bridal clients back through my doors with families of their own as well!


I will be checking email and voicemail throughout my maternity leave (which I am loosely getting ready to begin in the next 1-2 weeks) in order to try to have a tiny bit of time indulging in puppy cuddles before the baby takes up the space on my lap. However, I will not be taking on any additional shoots for the remainder of this calendar year. If you would like to get together to talk more about booking a wedding, please feel free to send me an inquiry and I’d be more than happy to get together. I’ll begin shooting again in the Spring.


I wanted to share a small handful of our favorites from the maternity session that we did with my good friend Amy of Amy Allen Photography (CLICK TO SEE MORE OF HER BEAUTIFUL WORK). I haven’t been very good about stopping to pay attention to how quickly my body was changing throughout the pregnancy since I was immersed in wedding season. I was actually surprised to see what I looked like when I got our photos back, I feel like I only see myself in small bits when I look in the mirror at home (see tummy, see face, can’t see feet anymore). I didn’t realize how much she’d grown, how long my hair had gotten, or that I actually did appear as outwardly happy as I feel within about my life in general right now. These photos are something that I thought that I was doing for our daughter, but since getting them back, I realize how important they are to me too. This little chunk of our lives is different and special to us for so many reasons and the photos truly do reflect that! It’s been a very long, exhausting, and emotional journey for us to get to this point and we weren’t sure we’d ever be here. As much discomfort as there is that goes along with being pregnant, I will never take for granted what a gift it truly is. Whether or not this is our last pregnancy is not something I know for sure, but I’m doing what I can to savor it while I can. Doing this session and the one that we did with Jessica Claire a couple of years ago have also taught me so much (that I already should have known) about the importance of making sure that you get in front of the camera sometimes¬† too, especially with a photographer who can truly create portraits that reflect who you are. There is no way I could have done this with a tripod and a timer myself and there is also no way that I would trust these moments of our lives to someone who doesn’t live and love photography and people in a way that allows them to bring something special out of you in a way that turns the intangible into something that you can hold onto and keep forever. I’m so looking forward to seeing our new little family in photos in the very near future!

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  1. These are so beautiful…and I am so happy for all 3 of you. <3

  2. You are absolutley Beautiful!! Fyi to anyone reading this Laura not only photographed our wedding but has been photographing our family portraits for the past year and we HIGHLY reccommend her for both wedding and portraits!!! #teamlifeartphotographs #teamlaura

  3. Karri Klein { Nov 15, 2013 } Reply

    You look so beautiful!!!! Congratulations! I’m so happy for you. Being a mom is a crazy adventure so hold on tight and don’t blink because you’ll miss something!!! :)
    Lots of love

    Karri (terry) Klein :)

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